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How well do you sleep?

According to The Sleep Charity, 40% of adults suffer with sleep issues, and the resulting sleep deprivation comes at the cost of a whopping £40.2 billion to the UK economy.

Sleep is vital, and has an impact on every area of our life, yet it seems so many of us just aren't getting enough.

That's about to change

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Help is here

Sleep is a passion of mine. And I don't just mean I like doing it! I love geeking out on the latest sleep science, listening to podcasts and videos from top neuroscientists and keeping up to date with the latest knowledge about the mysterious and wonderful world of sleep.


I'm a qualified sleep consultant, too. If I can help someone else get their sleep back on track I know that the ripples of that one seemingly small change will flow out into the rest of their life, making instant improvements to their relationships, their stress, anxiety or pain levels, their relationships with food and drink and their ability to focus and be productive at work. Better sleep has even been proved to extend the longevity of our lives!

Quite simply, sleep makes everything better. 

Sleep support for stressed out adults

I've created  the Sleep Matters programme to help stressed out adults who are desperate for a good night's sleep. Using a combination of CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia), hypnotherapy and other techniques you will discover how to settle your busy mind, rewire your brain for comfort at bedtime and restore your own natural sleep pattern.

CBTi is considered the first-line approach for insomnia by the medical profession. It's healthy, it has no side effects and it lasts! It allows you to change your habits, behaviours and mental beliefs about sleep to reverse insomnia. There are several components to CBTi which can be really helpful including sleep restriction, sleep hygiene, stimulus control, cognitive restructuring and relaxation therapies.

I have found that combining the science of CBTi with regular self-hypnosis will train your mind and body how to switch off, tune into a feeling of comfort and release the underlying stress that contributes to insomnia, as well as allowing you to re-programme your deep-seated beliefs about your ability to sleep. It’s a powerful combination!

Sleep Matters Programme

Serious about getting your sleep back on track? This 4-session programme carried out over 8 weeks is designed specifically for YOU! By the end of the programme you'll have a much better understanding of sleep, you'll recognise the things that are most helpful and unhelpful to good sleep and you'll have built the hypnotic ability to release stress and calm your mind at bedtime - or any time!

Along the way you'll receive:


  • Hypnosis recordings to listen to at home

  • Simple, actionable strategies to put into practice

  • Helpful Sleep Sheets that recap everything we cover in our sessions

  • A sleep diary to record your progress

As you begin to use your new knowledge and skills you will notice an incremental improvement in your sleep. But please be aware - there are no shortcuts to improved sleep. It doesn't happen overnight and you have to be prepared to make significant changes to your lifestyle and daily routine. We'll work together for four sessions spaced two weeks apart, to give you the opportunity to implement these changes, but for you that's really only the beginning. Humans are creatures of regularity and routine, so you'll need to keep all your good work going after the programme ends to feel the maximum benefit. I'm just here to fully equip you and set you off in the right direction!

Week 1

We'll fill out an in depth sleep survey that will help me understand your current lifestyle and how your lack of sleep is affecting you. You'll learn all about sleep cycles, how and why we fall asleep, and the role of your circadian rhythm and your chronotype (whether you are a morning or evening type of person!) You'll receive a simple but effective hypnosis recording that will help your mind begin to tune into a feeling comfort and safety at bedtime.

Week 2
This week we'll take a look at some things that people typically try when they are feeling sleep deprived, and using the responses from your sleep survey we'll consider on an individual basis whether they are actually helpful for YOU. We'll discuss what changes you can make that will improve your sleep. You'll learn a breathing technique that is an absolute game changer when it comes to regulating your emotions, and you'll finish off with a wonderful hypnotherapy session that will allow you to dump any of the emotional baggage that might be weighing you down or holding you back.

Week 3
How much do you really know about insomnia? We'll take a closer look at what insomnia actually is, how it develops, the role of anxiety and stress in insomnia and dispel some more myths about what is helpful in treating insomnia. You'll continue to develop your hypnotic ability to assist with your sleep.

Week 4

I'll reveal my top science-backed tips for healthy sleep and then it's your chance to sit back and unconsciously put into practice all your learning in a beautiful guided hypnotherpay session that is tailored specifically to you. You'll finish the programme feeling refreshed, optimistic and ready to sleep deeply each and every night!

Cost of programme £400


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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