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Change your beliefs about anxiety

Because the feeling of anxiety is unpleasant, we understandably look for ways to distract ourselves from what we are experiencing. Common distraction techniques includes alcohol, food, drugs, sex, shopping and even work. Unfortunately these things can very easily turn into patterns of unhelpful behaviour or even addictions.

We might trying sticking plaster techniques to deal with the anxiety - prescription medication, yoga, meditation, breathwork and exercise can all be effective ways to relieve the symptoms. But these things do not tackle anxiety at its root cause.

By now you will be beginning to understand that our thoughts are comprised of our prior conditioning - those things that have happened to us during our lives and the way we reacted to them. This is how our belief system is built. And all anxiety is, is a belief system that is created by our thoughts.

Beliefs aren’t facts that are set in stone - they’re just the thoughts that you keep on thinking. You don’t need to hold onto any particular thought or belief - you can choose to not believe it at any time. Indeed, many of our beliefs change over time as we grow and mature. I’m sure you don’t still believe the same things you believed as a child - Santa, the Tooth Fairy, for example?

In the same way, just because you were anxious about something at one point in your life, it doesn’t mean you always have to be.

When x happens, y does not have to equal anxiety.

When we come into the world we are all born with ‘innate wellness’ - a peacefulness that is always there, just below the surface. Our natural state, if you like. Without thoughts to create our unhelpful feelings there would only ever be this perfect state of peace. Many people worry that their anxious thoughts will never go away, but knowing that all thoughts are temporary and that peacefulness is only ever a thought away can be very reassuring.

Do you remember that analogy of thoughts being like sticks that are carried down the river? And how certain ones get stuck when we pay undue attention to them? Well, it goes for all kinds of thoughts, not just anxiety - some people naturally gravitate towards anger, depression, jealousy … but equally it works for positive thoughts. We get more of what we focus on - so choose to focus on the good stuff, the thoughts that nourish and benefit you emotionally.

Let THAT be the stuff that sticks around!


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