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Discovery Call

If you'd like to find out more or see if I'm the right hypnotherapist for you to work with you can book a Discovery Call with me, either by phone or video call. We'll have a friendly no-obligation chat about your case and I'll answer any questions you may have. I want you to feel completely comfortable before you book. Hypnotherapy is very much a collaborative process.

Booking your first session

Booking your first hypnotherapy session couldn't be easier. 

During your Discovery Call we will chat about the changes you would like to make in your life. Together we will identify what your end goal is, discuss how best to get you there and set out some realistic timescales for achieving this. The number of sessions required depends on the person and the nature of the issue. I will aim to help you as rapidly as is appropriate for you. For some people, issues can be resolved in one session, others may require more. 


Next we'll agree a date and a time to begin the work. Sessions can take place online using Zoom or face-to-face on Wednesdays at my therapy room at LeAnanda Yoga Studio in Wimborne.

During or after your treatment I may provide you with some simple exercises or techniques to use at home. This will ensure that the work we carry out continues to be effective long after you leave the therapy room. You'll have my support every step of the way on your journey to full emotional health.

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions in full as it contains important information on payment, cancellation policy, confidentiality and contraindications to hypnotherapy.


To keep things simple I offer three options, which reflect the typical needs of clients:

Individual hypnotherapy sessions - £90
4 session package - £300 
A first session typically lasts 60-90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are approximately 60 minutes.
Stop Smoking hypnotherapy - £250
Stop Smoking hypnotherapy is carried out over three sessions booked within three weeks of each other.



Book a friendly, no-obligation and completely FREE chat.


It's a chance to ask questions, discuss what you would like help with and decide if we're a good match to work together.


We'll identify your goal and set some realistic targets and timescales.

You'll know exactly what's going to happen and when.


We'll begin your journey to lasting and positive change.


You'll be able to feel the benefits immediately.


You'll have my support every step of the way and beyond.

This might include providing you with simple exercises or techniques to use at home.

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