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Not all issues require multiple sessions. Some things can be resolved or sufficiently improved with just one session of hypnotherapy.

I will be happy to guide you on this during your Discovery Call.


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It's normal to feel anxious or stressed from time to time. It's our body's way of protecting us. But when those feelings start to take over it's important to take steps to get back on track.

My 4-session Anxiety package will help you do just that.


Alongside hypnotherapy you'll learn simple and actionable strategies and techniques to send anxiety packing for good.



A phobia is an intense or irrational fear that provokes an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and panic. They can affect anyone, and may involve a fear of animals, objects, places or situations.

In just 4 sessions my Phobia Change package will help you feel completely different about that thing that has your knees knocking and your stomach in knots.



This 4 session package is much more than a weight loss journey - it's a chance to create the body, mindset and lifestyle YOU want.

So whether your aim is to lose weight, change your relationship with food or drink, get control of eating habits or find the motivation to exercise more, these tailored hypnotherapy sessions will be specific to you and your needs and goals. 

I'll provide you with tools and techniques that will make creating the new you effortless and enjoyable - no willpower needed!


Father and Son

Whatever your motivation for stopping smoking, this 3-session hypnotherapy package will provide you with an easy and painless route to improved health, a longer life and better finances. 

We'll explore the myths that have kept you tied to smoking before releasing deep-seated beliefs in a hypnotherapy session that will leave you feeling liberated and free from any desire to smoke.


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I run regular online group hypnotherapy sessions on Zoom covering a variety of topics such as anxiety, pain, confidence and motivation. These are fun and informal sessions - everyone is welcome, especially if you are curious about hypnotherapy!


Keep an eye on my Facebook page for event details.

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