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Whatever your motivation for stopping smoking, this 3-session hypnotherapy package will provide you with an easy and painless route to improved health, a longer life and better finances. 

Smoking is controlled by the unconscious part of your mind. I'll bet you can map your day by your cigarettes, knowing exactly when you will be having the next one - you do it without even thinking about it. We'll explore the myths that have kept you tied to cigarettes before releasing any desire or need to smoke in a powerful hypnotherapy session that will leave you feeling liberated and free from side effects.

Whether you want to stop smoking or vaping, this is the package for you. Kick-start your journey to being smoke-free today!


This online session is an informal and fun introduction to hypnosis.


You’ll discover:

  • What hypnosis is (and isn’t!)

  • Why hypnotherapy is the easiest and most painless way to stop smoking forever


It’s also a chance for you to explain how smoking is affecting your life and why you need to stop. We'll start to unpack your motivations and commitment to becoming a non-smoker, and discuss that trickiest of questions - is smoking a habit or an addiction?

You’ll learn how you can use the powerful relationship between your mind and your body to help you overcome this problem, and before we finish there will be the chance to get in touch with your inner strengths and experience for yourself just how awesome your mind really is! 


By the end of this session you’ll be feeling really excited, motivated, determined and ready to quit smoking forever. If, in the unlikely event we discover that hypnotherapy is not the right approach for you, there is no obligation to proceed to further sessions. 


Sessions 2-3 can take place online or in person. Each session is tailored to you and your own particular set of circumstances, but you will always get to:

  • Learn powerful tools and techniques that will stop cravings in their track and help you enter a more resourceful, empowered state.

  • Explore the misconceptions smokers have about what smoking does for them.

  • Discover why there's no need to fear any side effects of becoming a non-smoker.

  • Learn self-hypnosis by building your own natural hypnotic ability. 


  • Release any of the day-to-day ‘emotional baggage’ that might be contributing stress to your life.


  • Experience powerful hypnosis sessions that will help rewire your neural pathways and make smoking a thing of the past.


  • Heal the past. You'll get to revisit the reasons why you started smoking in the first place, see why they are no longer relevant and send wisdom, strength and support to your younger self.


  • Learn simple techniques that will ease stress and anxiety faster than a cigarette!


And much more! Because everybody is a unique individual with different life journeys I make sure each session is tailored and specific to you and your own particular set of circumstances.


GOBSMACKED is an understatement!

I had previously sought help with no luck until I met Susie, then my 24 year smoking addiction stopped. No thanks in the world are enough to express my gratitude.

Just wanted to let you know I'm now a non-smoker. As of Tuesday evening I haven't touched anything. I just don't desire it, it's mad!

Still feeling good to be
smoke free!

I have realised how much time I would dedicate to trying to work out how I could have some time to smoke, and my brain feels so much lighter now I don't need to!

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