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Is anxiety ruining your life?

It's normal and healthy to feel anxious from time to time. It's our body's way of protecting us from situations that could be harmful. 


But when those feelings start to take over and begin affecting your day-to-day life, it's important to take steps as soon as possible to get yourself back on track.


My 4-session Anxiety Change package will help you do just that.


You’ll discover what anxiety is, and how it develops and gets out of control.  You'll learn a range of simple and actionable strategies and techniques to send anxiety packing for good. And of course, you will get to experience some deeply powerful hypnotherapy that will allow you to build your own hypnotic ability so that the learnings become easy and automatic. 


I’ll also provide you with a hypnosis audio that you can listen to at home, to back-up all the work we do together in the therapy room.


Combine all this and anxiety just doesn’t stand a chance! 

4 Session Package - £300


This online session is an informal and fun introduction to hypnosis. 


You’ll discover:

  • What hypnosis is (and isn’t!)

  • How anxiety develops

  • How hypnotherapy can help


It’s also a chance for you to explain how anxiety is affecting your life, so that I can really understand how to tailor each session to you. 


You’ll learn how the relationship between your mind and your body affects the way you feel and before we finish there will be the chance to experience for yourself just how powerful your mind really is! 


By the end of this session you’ll be feeling uplifted and ready to kick anxiety to the kerb once and for all. If, however, you decide that hypnotherapy is not for you, there is no obligation to proceed to further sessions. 


Sessions 2-4 can take place online or in person. Each session is tailored to you and your own particular set of circumstances, but you will always get to:


  • Learn how to stop intrusive thoughts and take back emotional control


  • Learn powerful tools and techniques that allow you to self-soothe and move quickly and easily into a calmer, more resourceful state any time you are feeling anxious. 


  • Learn self-hypnosis by building your own natural hypnotic ability.

  • Release any of the day-to-day ‘emotional baggage’ that we all have - anything that might be contributing to your anxiety and making it harder to find your inner peace.


  • Experience powerful hypnosis sessions that will help rewire your neural pathways, leave you feeling fantastic and set you on the road to being anxiety free.


  • Heal the past. By releasing negative emotions connected to experiences from the past you’ll find you can move on with your future - this is powerful stuff! You won’t be reliving traumatic experiences, simply healing old wounds and leaving all the negative emotions where they belong - in the past!


  • Learn to focus on the good stuff rather than the unhelpful stuff! 


And much more! Because everybody is a unique individual with different life journeys I make sure each session is tailored and specific to you and your own particular set of circumstances.


I want to thank Susie for the support she offered me and the profound effect her work through hypnotherapy had for me personally. I have had acute anxiety and complex PTSD for many years and related therapy, but it continued to be life-limiting.


Susie’s open, caring and empathic approach has been the thing that finally created a massive change for me and helped me enormously.

My head and my mind is my own again, it’s bliss. You were instrumental in getting me back on track … thank you for your help.

Being at peace with myself and seeing a brighter side of life is so wondrous. It’s been so long I had forgotten just what it was to feel good. I am incredibly pleased to have found you.


After what my mind has endured over this past year I am in awe as to the seeming simplicity in the way it’s been released from the tendrils of anxiety and gloom.

I wanted to let you know that my anxiety has been great recently. I haven’t had nearly as many panic attacks and hardly ever think of my anxiety really! It’s a massive difference!


Thank you so, so much!

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