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Did you know that an estimated 10 million people in the UK  will develop a phobia at some point in their life? That’s more than 1 in 6 of us!


A phobia is an intense or irrational fear that provokes an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and panic. They can affect anyone, and may involve a fear of animals, objects, places or situations.


Many of my clients think that they are weird for having a phobia, but that’s really not the case. They are MUCH more common than you might think, and often people live with them for years because whatever they try, nothing seems to help.


The good news is, hypnotherapy provides a great solution. It’s fast, effective and best of all - it’s completely painless - no need for exposure therapy!


In just 4 sessions my Phobia Change package will help you feel completely different about that thing that has your knees knocking and your stomach in knots.


You’ll find out why it’s possible to develop a phobia of literally ANYTHING.  You'll learn a range of simple and actionable strategies and techniques to deal with the anxiety response. And of course, you will get to experience some deeply powerful hypnotherapy that will repgramme how you think and feel about the subject of your phobia.


I’ll also provide you with a calming hypnosis audio that you can listen to at home, to back-up all the work we do together in the therapy room.


Get started on your journey to being phobia-free today!

4 Session Package - £300



This free of charge online session is an informal and fun introduction to hypnosis. 


You’ll discover:

  • What hypnosis is (and isn’t!)

  • How phobias develop

  • How hypnotherapy can help


It’s also a chance for you to explain how your phobia is affecting your life, so that I can really understand how to tailor each session to you. 


You’ll learn how the relationship between your mind and your body affects the way you feel and before we finish there will be the chance to experience for yourself just how powerful your mind really is! 


By the end of this session you’ll be feeling positive and excited to be free of that phobia once and for all. If, however, you decide that hypnotherapy is not for you, there is no obligation to proceed to further sessions. 



Each session is tailored to you and your own particular set of circumstances, but you will always get to:


  • Find out why you were completely uninvolved in the creation of your phobia. 

  • Learn powerful tools and techniques that allow you to self-soothe and move quickly and easily into a calmer, more resourceful state.


  • Learn self-hypnosis and develop your own hypnotic ability over the course of our sessions.


  • Release any of the day-to-day ‘emotional baggage’ that we all have - anything that might be contributing to your problem or making it harder to find your inner peace.


  • Experience powerful hypnosis sessions that will help rewire your neural pathways and reprogramme how you think and feel about the subject of your phobia.


  • Heal the past. By releasing negative emotions connected to those experiences that have contributed to your phobia, you’ll find you can move on and be free of that fear. You won’t be reliving traumatic experiences, simply healing old wounds and leaving the unhelpful emotions in the past.


  • Have the chance to rehearse in your mind how you will deal with the subject of your phobia next time you encounter it, so your mind starts to recognise it is no longer a threat. 


And so much more! Because everybody is a unique individual with different life journeys I make sure each session is tailored and specific to you and your own particular set of circumstances.


I did it, thank you sooo much! I got a little scared right at the last second but it was over so quickly. I’m so pleased, can’t believe what a difference it’s made!

Fear of injections

I made it, it was a smooth journey and actually enjoyable.


Thank you for working absolute magic for me and helping me achieve this.


I never knew hypnosis could be sp powerful and help unblock things that have been stuck for so many years.

Fear of Flying

I found the flight out much easier, I kept focusing on excitement rather than nerves, and I actually think I did much better than usual.

Fear of Flying

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