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Celebrate the small wins

"I've lost four and a half pounds already!" said my client delightedly, as she arrived for her second hypnotherapy session this week. "It was just as you said - something clicked into place and I've felt totally different."

"That's great!" I beamed back. "I hope you did a happy dance!"

I wasn't joking either. It's really important to acknowledge and celebrate the small wins when we are working towards a goal. By doing a happy dance, punching the air or even shouting "Yessss!" loudly it sends a clear and undeniable signal to your unconscious that THIS is the action you want.

It sounds cheesy but we accumulate what we celebrate.

This all ties in with what I was writing about last time - looking back to where you started from, recognising your progress and then giving yourself a bloody big pat on the back when things start to improve.

This works for EVERYTHING. When you succeed in resisting the biscuit cupboard, when you breathe your way through a panic attack, when you force yourself to look at a spider, when you get though that social situation that had your knees knocking - celebrate!

And make it big and physical. The bigger the better! Your unconscious then downloads this action as "Oh! That's what they wanted all along! They didn't want to feel that old way. They want this instead. Now that they're giving me clear instructions, I'll give them this new responser much faster next time."

This is how we create the new neural pathways that break old patterns and create new, healthier habits and choices.

Celebrate the small wins - because over time, small wins add up to BIG wins!


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