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Discover your motivation

It's been fantastic to watch the Olympic Games this summer and witness all the competitors enjoying the fruits of their dedicated, hard work.

But how do they stay so motivated? If you've ever fallen victim to procrastination you will know that at times it can be easy to find your flow, while at others it’s frustratingly hard to find the drive to achieve anything meaningful.

What if you had the tools to keep you moving in the right direction every day? It's easier than you might think, but it does take consistent effort and practice. This wonderful self-hypnosis visualisation will get you back on track.

Set aside time each day where you can focus your mind inwards.

Breathe deeply and allow your thoughts to drift in and out of your mind. As you do this, imagine releasing tension from each muscle in turn. As you release tension from your body, your mind will relax, too, until you reach a place of perfect calm.

Now bring to mind your 'why' - what it is that drives you, what it is above all else that you want to achieve. Because our mind and body are connected, when we tap into our imaginations to connect deeply to this driving force, we begin to feel the energy in our bodies. Notice any changes or emotions that occur in your body when you do this.

Get a sense of yourself standing at a crossroads. Down one pathway you can see everything continuing as usual, and you can see where you will end up. On the other side the pathway leads to a future you, living out your dreams.

Imagine walking down this pathway and watch the scene playing out - notice how you move, how you act. What is different about this future you? How did you make the changes that got you here?

Step into this future you so that they become a part of you. Feel what they feel, see what they see and hear what they hear. And allow those feelings and that energy to intensify, until you are fully living that version of the future.

Hold onto this feeling for a while, then gradually let yourself drift back along the pathway, bringing all that energy back with you to the here and now.

This simple process of allowing yourself to fully experience your dreams with all your senses is incredibly powerful.

Practice it every day and notice how quickly you reclaim your motivation.


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