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One Word to change your life

As I write this, and 2021 draws to close, I am wondering what to choose as my One Word for 2022.

If you've never heard of this concept, it's very simple: at the beginning of the new year you choose a word that resonates with you. A word that will have a bearing and influence on your life as you travel through the next twelve months. It might be a word that inspires and motivates you, or a word that reminds you to do something in order to build new habits. Active verbs makes a great choice - words such as believe, focus, challenge or relax.

When choosing your word consider what you want to achieve over the next year - think about where you are now and where you want to be. Try a few words on for size - what inspires you? What word will help you become the very best version of yourself?

For instance, my word of 2021 was COMMIT. It was a word that reminded me if I wanted to launch my business successfully I needed to go all in. Not just for myself, but for my clients. My commitments this year have been many - I have committed to helping each and every person who has walked through my therapy room doors. I have committed to ongoing training with some of the best therapy trainers in the world, in order to keep my knowledge and skills the very best they can be. I have committed to working with an accountability partner, so that I am fully accountable for all the things I say I am going to do. I have committed to writing this column every fortnight. And of course, I have all my family commitments.

It's a good idea if your word stretches you a little - something that drives and inspires you. And why stop there? You may want to add a second word that represents the way you wish to interact with others, and see how you can make the two words relate to each other.

Knowing what your One Word is can be a powerful catalyst for life change. Write it down on a post-it note above your desk or on your fridge - somewhere you will see it every day. Make a list of all the different ways your word can impact your life. Then sit back and as the year progresses notice the difference it makes to you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and in all your relationships.

I'll be announcing my One Word very soon! What will your word be?


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