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Online versus Face-to-Face

One thing I love about being a hypnotherapist is that I can work from pretty much anywhere, so I am never tied to one particular workplace.

During the COVID lockdown I was lucky that I could continue helping people by working online with them. The demand at that point was really high - a lot of people were experiencing raised levels of anxiety, loneliness and low mood. So I took the chance to upskill myself with some training in how to work effectively with therapy clients in the online world. Turns out, it’s really not so very different to being face-to-face with someone, and in some ways, is actually better. My client gets to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home and can relax immediately once the session is over.

I continue to work online with many people each week - for anyone one with mobility issues, social anxiety or a lack of transport it provides a lifeline of support that they might otherwise not be able to access. It also means I can work with someone regardless of where they live in the world - many of my clients are now from overseas.

But online isn't for everyone, so I really enjoy having my own local therapy space at the beautiful LeAnanda Yoga studio near to Wimborne's Walford Mill. My room there is comfortable and private, and as a therapist, I have the bonus of being surrounded by a team of like-minded fellow practitioners and teachers who provide a one-stop shop for all your emotional, physical and spiritual health needs. Having this community at the studio is great for my clients, who have the opportunity to discover new ways of enhancing their lives and making friends - as well as yoga there are breathwork classes, meditation sessions and many other healing modalities.

The real beauty of hypnotherapy is the fact that I don't always need absolute silence or a dedicated therapy room to make a difference to people. Sometimes I can do therapy 'on the fly' - all it takes is for the person to be willing to give it a go and it's often possible to help them overcome problems right then and there, in a matter of minutes. I've helped people out of pain, removed fears and provided assistance with many other issues simply by being willing to jump in with some 'on the spot' hypnosis.

For most people though, therapy is a private matter, and my preference is always to create a safe and comfortable space where a person can learn how to tap into all their unconscious strengths. I aim to work in a way that suits each particular client, and I enjoy the variety. Wherever the work takes place, there's nothing quite like watching someone blossom as they discover more and more about how the power of their mind can help them overcome their problems.

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