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Tap away your anxiety

Do you experience uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety or worry? Of course you do! We all do from time to time.

But what if I could teach you a powerful method that will quickly and easily depotentiate that anxiety or worry?

You may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) before. It's sometimes known simply as 'tapping' and works on the same points of the body used in acupuncture - but don't worry, no needles are required!

Once you start putting this simple 6-step technique into practice, the benefits become obvious very quickly. It puts control of your emotions back into your own hands - quite literally!

In EFT you tap with your fingertips on the following points in turn:

Top of head (centre)

Middle of forehead

Temple (corner of the eye)

Cheekbone, under the eye

Under edge of either side of your collarbone


Here's how you do it:

Name the feeling - eg "worrying thoughts" or "anxious feeling" and then give it a rating on a scale of 0-10 where zero is nothing at all and 10 is very bad. This will allow you to assess how the feeling reduces in intensity.

Begin tapping on the top of your head and say (either to yourself or out loud) the name you have given it - eg "anxious feeling.”

Move through the points in turn, saying "anxious feeling" each time. Tap around ten times on each point (you can use either hand and either side of your body).

When you get to the point on the wrist, instead of tapping simply grab around your wrist with the thumb and fingers of your other hand and give it a squeeze.

Release, breathe in and exhale deeply.

Now tune into the feeling again and notice how it has changed. How does it rate on that scale of 0-10 now? You will notice it has changed. Keep going with more rounds of tapping until that feeling reduces to zero and has completely gone.

This technique is really effective for all sorts of unwanted feelings - anger, pain or discomfort, fear, panic - pretty much anything you want to feel differently about. Just name the feeling, rate it, and begin tapping through the points. Assess how it changes and repeat as many times as necessary to bring it down to a zero.

Give it a go - you may just discover a new way to free yourself from unwanted feelings!


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