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Your mind is a snow globe

Our natural state is one of peacefulness - and when we stop thinking anxious thoughts we ALL have the ability to return to this state.

Day-to-day stresses cause our mind to feel like a snow globe that has been shaken up - when something goes wrong everything feels a bit crazy and out of control for a while as that storm rages inside the globe.

But if you put the globe down and leave it alone …. everything settles. Everything calms.

And it’s exactly the same with your anxious thoughts. Because it’s not something external causing the storm. It’s just your thoughts. And all thoughts are temporary.

You may feel the urge to do something while you are in the midst of the storm - an action that might help you rail against what is happening or run away from it.

But the best thing to do is just breathe through it and know it will pass. Peace is only ever a thought away.


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