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FREE Session: the secrets of deep sleep

Throughout 2021 I'm going to be running a series of regular online group hypnotherapy sessions.

These will be fun, friendly events that will look at themes common to all of us, such as anxiety, pain, confidence and much more. We'll discuss some practical tips and tools that can help you, then I'll guide you through a deeply relaxing and beautiful hypnotic visualisation.

The sessions are entirely FREE to attend - but should you feel able to, I would welcome a voluntary donation of any amount to my charity of the year, Julia's House Children's Hospice, who really need our help to continue their vital work in the face of the pandemic.

My first session takes place at 7.30pm via Zoom on Thursday 4 March and will allow you to discover the secrets of deep sleep.

Sleep is fundamentally important to our ability to cope with everyday life, and when our sleep cycle gets interrupted it can cause all sorts of problems.

So I invite you to join me now on this blissful journey into the secrets of deep sleep. Register in advance at the link below, and you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the session.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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