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Review of the Year

Have you ever carried out a Review of the Year?

Up until this point, I hadn't either. But then - I have never lived through a year that's been quite so monumental as 2020. I wanted to take the opportunity to get it all down on paper and preserve it - a bit like a time capsule.

A Review of the Year gives you the chance to do that, and so much more. It's a way to take stock, see how far you've come, identify what's worked and what hasn't, and use the lessons of the last 12 months to propel you into the new year.

My year started on a high point. I had just been offered a permanent part-time Communications role with the wonderful children's hospice charity, Julia's House. I had just completed a year of maternity cover for them, and to be asked to stay on as permanent member of staff, in addition to the staff member I had been covering for, was a huge honour. I was also beginning to take my first hypnotherapy clients - it felt good to have reached this point after a year of training.

Then in March, COVID-19 began to hit the UK hard. Lockdown was enforced and we were all sent home to work. I was juggling work alongside home-schooling my two boys and suddenly life was different and difficult in so many ways. Hypnotherapy fell by the wayside - I could no longer see clients in person. Like many others, the next few months were hard for us as a family; we knuckled down and got on with it. At times, it wasn't pretty.

In July, as we settled down into more of a 'new normal' I decided to join the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy to further my training. I wanted to be able to practice hypnotherapy online and get back to working with clients again. I enrolled in the Academy's new online Diploma course - and what a turning point in my life that turned out to be!

Almost one hundred students from all over the world, brought together through a shared passion for helping others, formed an incredible community that has brought me so much love, joy and happiness this year. I have made connections that have enriched my life and helped me grow in confidence and wisdom; I even gained a new best friend. I haven't met one of these people in 'real life' yet - but the bond between us grew despite the screens and miles between us. Who says you can't have connection during a lockdown?

I completed the Diploma course in December and so here I am now - on an exciting new journey as I build my hypnotherapy business and begin making a real difference to the lives of people around me,

The annual review consisted of a set of structured questions, looking at all aspects of life. It gave me an opportunity to ponder the highs and lows, my dreams and aspirations, set goals, reflect on what is working for me or no longer serving me and identify the key relationships in my life that will help me continue to grow as a person.

I found it really cathartic and have been able to find a degree of clarity as I venture forth into 2021.

Fancy carrying out your own Review of the Year? Drop me a line and I will send you the outline document. It's a really valuable experience.

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