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Are you ready to commit?

Hypnotherapy can provide a fast, effective and lasting solution to many problems, but like any therapy, it only works as well as your own level of commitment to your recovery - your commitment to yourself.

Many people think I can wave a magic hypnosis wand and make all their problems disappear, but this simply isn't the case. And that's because hypnosis is not something I am doing TO you, it's something YOU are doing to yourself. I'm just a tour guide, really - I'm there to lead you into a place where all change becomes possible - but you have to follow my instructions to get there and be willing to immerse yourself fully in the experience. Hypnosis is a self-created reality, so nobody else can do it for you. The good news is - it's easy and it's really quite enjoyable!

I need to know that you are 100 per cent committed to making the changes - otherwise it's a waste of your time (and money) - and a waste of mine. For this reason, I have no hesitation in turning away anyone who I suspect may not be quite ready to do the work.

My onboarding process, although simple and friendly, also requires you to follow quite specific instructions. There will ALWAYS be a consultation call (the 'Discovery Call') on either Zoom or telephone. This allows us to find out if we are a good fit to work together and to ask any questions so that we both have the knowledge we need to proceed to the next stage. If you think this call isn't important, turn up late for it or fail to turn up at all, it gives me a pretty good idea as to your level of commitment to yourself. I understand that life happens and sometimes things are unavoidable, so you will get a reminder message if you are 5 minutes late - but after that I won't chase you.

After a successful Discovery Call, when we have scheduled your first session, you will receive a consultation form to complete and return by email no later than 24 hours before your session. There will be questions relating to your problem and to your health, to which I will require quite specific answers, in order to know I am proceeding in the most suitable way for you. Very occasionally, you may have a condition for which hypnotherapy is not suited, in which case I need to know before we get started. The same applies to payment, which must always be received in full by bank transfer during this timeframe. You will get one reminder as the deadline approaches - but no form and no payment means the session will not go ahead.

If that sounds harsh, it's because it has to be. A motivated person shows up on time and a committed person takes the time to provide me with the information I need to conduct a successful session. It's respectful to me, but more importantly, it's respectful towards yourself. And of course, if you book a session and do not turn up for it, you are also preventing someone else from getting help.

The person who can follow these steps in a timely manner will already be well on their way to a successful outcome, because a hypnosis session is all about following instructions. And by that, I don't mean I will be bossing you around military-fashion or barking out orders - far from it! You just have to listen carefully to my words. If I ask you to imagine something, simply imagine it to the best of your ability; if I ask you to find a feeling, however it comes to you is just fine.

Here are three statements which will help you consider whether you are ready to start hypnotherapy sessions:

Something has to change.

That something has to be ME.

And it has to be NOW.

When you can fully identify with all three statements, you'll be ready to make that commitment to yourself - and you have my promise that I'll be here for you, to help you live the life you REALLY want.


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