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Sleep Impact

Most of us will encounter a problem with our sleep at some point in our lives. Thankfully, periods of sleeplessness are usually short-lived, but occasionally a good night’s sleep becomes seemingly illusive and beyond our reach.  

The problem is, when we become aware of our sleeplessness, we tend to focus on it - after all, it has the potential to make us feel pretty rubbish!  Lack of sleep makes you sluggish and fatigued, and in response you might drink coffee or indulge in sugary or carby foods for a much-needed burst of energy. You may try lie-ins, early nights or naps to catch up on missed sleep.  You’ll consider over-the-counter supplements and medications. And if falling asleep at bedtime has become tricky, alcohol might suddenly seem the perfect solution to dropping off quickly and easily!

The more we focus on our sleeplessness, the worse the problem seems to get. And those attempts at getting yourself back on track all seem to fall short. You end up living the same hellish cycle, day in, day out, while sleep continues to evade you at night. It can manifest in many different ways - intrusive thoughts, anxiety, wild dreams and nightmares, restless legs, or even just a feeling of being annoyingly comfortable and wide awake!

CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) is considered the first-line treatment for sleeplessness. It’s healthy and natural, it has no side-effects and its benefits can last for many years. By changing your habits, behaviours, mental beliefs, and stress around sleep you can reverse insomnia.

What I have found in my practise as a hypnotherapist and wellbeing consultant, is that combining the science of CBTi with hypnotherapy will train your mind and body how to switch off and release the underlying stress that contributes to insomnia, as well as allowing you to more effectively re-programme your deep-seated beliefs about your ability to sleep. It’s a powerful combination!

If you need help to get your sleep back on track, I’m here for you! Sleep is one of my favourite subjects - and soon it will be one of yours, too.


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