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Become aware of your thoughts

We cannot change the thoughts that pop into our mind automatically Nobody can do that. But we can begin to influence what our next thought will be.

The first step towards freeing yourself from persistent anxiety is simply to become more aware of what you are thinking. Thoughts happen so quickly and so often that we tend to just go with the flow, being carried along by the current in whichever direction they take us. They can evoke strong emotions, leaving us feeling powerless or out of control. This means we are at the mercy of our thoughts, rather than directing them.

To get free from anxiety, it’s essential to learn how to pay attention to our thoughts. Make a conscious effort to create an awareness of the stream of thought that runs throughout your day and I bet you’ll be amazed at what you notice. For one thing, there will be a huge volume of thoughts. They may not all make sense. They may happen at the speed of light. And you will begin to notice the ones that stick around, and the feelings that grow from them.

From here you can begin to challenge your thoughts. Where did they come from? Are they helpful? Are they even true? How much meaning are you attaching to these thoughts?

This knowledge will allow you to assess which thoughts to put more focus and meaning on, and which ones you can let go of, allowing them to float on down the thought stream. And when you can do that, you will begin to experience a return to that innate wellness, that sense of peace that lies within all of us. You will no longer be a victim of your thoughts - you will be master of them.

By building this awareness you are in fact taking away their power by recognising thoughts for what they are - completely transient and often very untrue! I absolutely guarantee you will be amazed by how much your thoughts have been lying to you when you begin to challenge them.

Soon you will become adept at tracing back every anxious feeling you’ve ever have to an unhelpful, untrue thought - and therein lies your own very real power and ability for change!


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