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How to stop boredom eating

Has lockdown got you feeling like you've lost all control over your eating habits? Is your snacking spiralling out of control?

Being trapped in the house with food temptation all around may seem like an impossible situation, but my top three actionable tips to knock snacking on the head will enable you to regain control quickly and easily.

1. STOP! The next time you find yourself with your head in the fridge or your hand on the cupboard door or biscuit tin, ask yourself these three questions:

Am I bored?

Am I emotional?

Am I hungry?

Chances are, it's going to be one of the first two - and this realisation will give you just enough time to employ a sneaky distraction strategy!

2. CHANGE YOUR HABIT - The best way to defeat an unwanted habit is to replace it with an alternative, more suitable habit that has nothing to do with your original behaviour.

You may want to have a glass of water, or do 10 jumping jacks, or dance and sing along to your favourite tune. If it makes you feel good, even better!

One of my clients keeps a large jigsaw puzzle on the go, and when she feels the urge to snack she walks over to it and spends a few minutes placing pieces of puzzle. The simple act of concentration breaks any food craving she was experiencing.

What strategy could you use? Have a plan ready so that you can take immediate action!

3. BREATHE - Spend a little time doing some conscious breathing - breathe in for 6 seconds and out for 6 seconds. Even just 2 minutes of breathing in this way will dramatically alter your state - and those food cravings will just evaporate more and more with every exhale!

Use these strategies the next time you feel yourself hit by an attack of the munchies ... and just notice what happens ... 😉


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